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Your subscription to our service includes both the "live" monthly Webinar training, plus the following valuable data screens, which cover the spectrum from conservative to higher-premium CC plays.

Covered Calls - 5%

  • Additional "front-month" (30-day) CC list
  • Stocks under $30/share
  • OTM (out-of-the-money)
  • High premiums, but high risk
  • Monthly (30-day) premiums of 4% to 10%


Covered Calls - Dow Jones

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Well known, large cap stocks
  • Smaller premiums, less volatile stocks
  • Monthly (30-day) premiums of 2% to 6%


Covered Calls - Tech Stocks

  • Tech stocks, more volatile
  • Well known technology companies
  • Higher premiums than DJIA stocks
  • Monthly (30-day) premiums of 3% to 8%