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ANSWER: Yes! was completely redesigned in 2008! We took our 10-years of experience in providing CC investors with the best CC data, and we super-charged our famous service! We implemented the great feedback our clients have given us over the years, and have made into the professional-level service that serious covered call investors require.

The new includes:
  • The popular OTM Covered Calls data (both under $30, and over $30)
  • ITM (in-the-money) Covered Calls data!
  • Covered Calls on the QQQQ, for a less volatile CC selection
  • Covered Calls on the QLD (which tracks to 2x the QQQQ)
  • Collars, for downside protection (CC play, plus OTM put)
  • Married Puts, which *guarantee* downside loss is less than 5%!
  • Covered Calls on ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds):
    No more "single-stock" risk!
  • Regular, ongoing CC educational training via Webinars (at your computer)
  • On-location, in-person training Seminars

QUESTION: What are some features of the new

ANSWER: One of the (valid) criticisms of covered call writing is that the underlying stock can drop (sometimes dramatically), and wipe out any CC profits you might have taken in from selling the call option. While in the past we have advocated avoiding this problem by doing your diligent technical and fundamental research, and set stop-losses on the stock, sometimes CC investors could still experience losses.

At the new, we now also provide Risk-controlled Investment Data to reduce or, in some cases, completely eliminate this risk. These new CC data plays include: CC's on the QQQQ, CC's on the QLD, Collars, and the brand-new "Married Puts"...where your total loss is guaranteed to be less than 5% (even if the underlying stock drops to zero!)

(Please note that we cover the details of this fantastic "Married Puts" CC play, in our training webinars.)

QUESTION: Do you provide ITM (in-the-money) CC data yet?

ANSWER: Yes. Just login to access the ITM CC data.

QUESTION: What do I get for my $10/month subscription?

ANSWER: Access to all the Covered Calls data at (see above) and participation in our regular Covered Calls education training Webinars, which can be viewed from the comfort of your own home directly at your computer. (Please note that admission to our Advanced Seminars would require an additional fee). See the yellow sidebar for the time of the next FREE training Webinar.

This $10/month is a great value, and provides you with professional-level CC data AND ongoing CC training via Webinars (see the yellow sidebar for the time of the next training Webinar).

The cost of these regular training Webinars alone are worth hundreds of dollars. With your subscription you get all the professional CC data AND regular Webinar training...all for the $10/month fee!

QUESTION: I'm not yet a client. What do the CC data pages look like?

ANSWER: SCREEN-SHOT of the new CC data pages.

QUESTION: What are Bollinger Bands and RSI (and what do they tell us)?


QUESTION: Is there a Free Trial?

ANSWER: No. Our new professional-level CC service is subscription only. But our entire monthly subscription rate is ONLY $10/month, which is actually less than some services charge to evaluate their services. This $10/month is a great value, and provides you with professional-level CC data AND ongoing CC training via WEBINARS (see the yellow sidebar for the time of the next training webinar).

The cost of these regular training webinars alone are worth hundreds of dollars. With your subscription you get all the professional CC data AND regular webinar training...all for the $10/month fee!

QUESTION: How much does your service cost?

ANSWER: $10.00 (USD) per month.

QUESTION: How do I subscribe?

ANSWER: Click the "Sign-up" link at the top of the page.

QUESTION: How do I cancel?

ANSWER: Simply cancel your PayPal billing to our service.

(PayPal is our authorized credit card merchant processor, and therefore they handle all of the billing of your credit card. We actually do NOT have access to your credit card information, and therefore you must cancel your billing payments via PayPal).

QUESTION: Do you have a recommended stock/options broker?


QUESTION: If we want more training than just the regular webinars, what options do you provide?

ANSWER: We provide on-site, in-person educational Seminars on Covered Calls Investing. The CC Seminars are 1-day events, and are comprehensive covered call educational training, covering all the strategies we provide on our website.

The Seminars on Covered Calls Investing include our unique "Lifetime Education" guarantee, where you pay for that CC Seminar once, and then you can re-attend the same CC Seminar again, for FREE, for life!

QUESTION: What is the Seminar guarantee?

ANSWER: You pay once for a Seminar, and then you can retake that same Seminar again, for FREE, for life!

We believe in ongoing education, and that nobody can grasp 100% of the concepts presented in one seminar session (though we try to present the concepts as simple as possible, with many examples). And so to help you refresh and absorb the investing principles taught in our educational seminar, you can reattend the same Seminar again for FREE, once you've paid for and attended it the first time.

QUESTION: Can I bring my spouse (or a friend) to the Seminar on Covered Calls Investing (once I pay)?

ANSWER: Absolutely! The cost to have a spouse (or a friend) come along with you to one of our CC Seminars is only $200 (after you've paid). But please note that the "Lifetime Education" re-attend guarantee ONLY applies to the person who originally paid full price for the seminar. Also, this $200 spouse/friend fee is only good for one person.

QUESTION: How can I sign-up to attend the Seminar on Covered Calls Investing?

ANSWER: Click on the "Seminars" tab at the top, for time and locations of our upcoming 1-day CC Seminars, and to sign-up to attend.



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