About the CoveredCalls.com Covered Call Calculator
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The CoveredCalls.com Covered Call Calculator is designed to help you find the best Covered Call to write as quickly as possible. Period.

"...other covered call calculators are like the headlights illuminating your financial road. The CoveredCalls.com Covered Call Calculator is the High Beams!"


  • Enter Stock Price, Strike Price, and Option Price data as fractional or decimal values
  • Model multiple financial plays in seconds
  • Calculate all commission fees
  • Calculate Margin charges
  • Instantly recalculate if options are exercised
  • View calculated Results in either an expanded or abbreviated view
  • Print your comparative scenarios as viewed in the Results box
  • Print your comparative scenarios in spreadsheet format
  • Save multiple call scenarios for later comparison and analysis
  • On-the-fly recalculations by the "intelligent comparative calculation engine" with any changes you make that will affect your percent return or actual cash profit
  • Model scenarios for writing calls 12 times per year, 8 times per year, 6 times, 1 time, 26 times, it doesn't matter. The calculator is extremely flexible!
  • Enter your Age and calculate time until $1,000,000
  • No more extra guess work of "I think this could be my profit." You will see your possible profit in detail and you will see now!
  • See what you'll have at retirement age. (These numbers are crazy! They beat mutual funds retirement balances my millions!)
  • See your account balance in one month, one year, two years, three years ahead. You'll know what to expect down the road.
  • No other covered call calculator even comes close to the value and features of the CoveredCalls.com Covered Call Calculator.

www.CoveredCalls.com Calculator

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